Bij Casa PRIMO Le Marche is er genoeg ruimte om heerlijk te borrelen, de zon onder te zien gaan of om heerlijk buiten te dineren
the perfect spot

If you are going to rent a house, the question is always whether it meets your expectations. For our family with four children and supporters, we went looking for a perfect location to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, preferably in the unspoiled natural environment of Le Marche in Italy. We found a house with 5 bedrooms, five bathrooms and a beautiful pool and were seduced by beautifully stylized photos. Casa PRIMO could just be 'the perfect spot' ...

The view is phenomenal

After a long, two-day journey through Germany, Austria and Italy, we drive across the medieval bridge of the idyllic town of Tolentino over the Contrada Pianciano towards Casa PRIMO. The narrow road meanders for about four kilometers through the rolling countryside of Le Marche. We leave the Autostrada behind and eagerly look for a glimpse of Casa PRIMO. We pass beautiful country houses, soberly designed farmhouses bordered by olive groves and sunflower fields when we see an archetypal Italian house in the distance. Somewhat hidden behind the olive trees, the house, built in traditional construction, stands out proudly against the green hills of the hinterland. We hardly find the exit to the house, and we drive down the last steep part.
The view is phenomenal! We park the cars in the reserved space, get out and before we discover the house, we walk to the edge of the site to take in the view of the surroundings. So this image is printed in our minds forever. The mountains of Monti Sibillini National Park provide a grand backdrop to the striking green landscape that lies in front of it. The edge of the pool silently turns into a colorful meadow, and it seems as if the whole landscape belongs to the grounds of Casa PRIMO for us.

Enjoyed the generous space in Casa PRIMO

The house has a very practical layout and is perfectly tailored for our family with four children, ages 17 to 24, together with their supporters. The three-storey house has been tastefully decorated. Old and new details are beautifully balanced, and everything has been handled with the utmost care. It is exactly the luxury and beauty that we are looking for. The bedrooms and bathrooms all have their own identity because the light enters differently in each room and the room is decorated slightly differently. Nowhere do you feel that concessions have been made, everything is in balance.

Throughout the week we made the most of the generous space that Casa PRIMO offers. The kitchen is fully equipped and suitable for cooking with a large group and enjoying the cooking skills of our children. The living room is spacious enough to play a game at the table and chill in the large sofa. The dining room is the heart of the house, and this space has also stolen our hearts. The children served us the most delicious meals at the long wooden dining table, large enough to sit at ten people. The bedrooms are large enough to retreat to and unwind when the hustle and bustle of the large family gets too much.

We planned the week at Casa PRIMO for our 25th wedding anniversary. Never before have we been away with the entire family for a week, and it was a blessing to be able to celebrate this unique moment in Casa PRIMO. Everything was right this week. We have been feted with the love of our children and their supporters, we have taken beautiful walks in the area and have been to the best wineries in the area. The extreme heat has not prevented us from fully enjoying the house, the ample opportunity to sit outside, the quiet lounge area with a view of the setting sun ...

Definitely a home to return to and to look for the blissful moments we have experienced over the past week.

Pascal en Monique Grosfeld

The living room is a lovely place to sit with the large sofa, fireplace and plenty of other seating areas
season 2022/23

A beautiful place among the olive trees, located in Le Marche, with all the luxury and comfort that brings you, your family, and your friends into a different atmosphere.


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