We uttered that phrase several times during our vacation. This weeks’ vacation was really a gift for us. Once every few years we go on holiday together (without the kids). And then there is no better place to enjoy yourself together than Casa Primo. We enjoyed the peace, the beautiful view every morning, the beautiful beaches and restaurants and each other. And we were in good company with good friends who we could surprise with a week in this amazing place. In August we were already there with two families. Now nice together. Both times were delicious and you will see us again next year ;-)!
Remco & Mirjam Schut

Celebrating life with great friends

Thank you Daantje and Peter for a awesome week!

friends will be friends

Chattering nonsense & deep converstations

wine & dine

An at home 'dining out'

watch the sunset

The first thing Mirjam did, when she arrived


Brief inner peace

moments of joy

Many were had this week


A lovely city with medieval influences


Every evening equally beautifull


Finally time for yourself

Diner for two

Shada Beach Club

Toasting on life itself


breakfast is served!

Two hours later at home though;-)

What a view...

Every day this picturesque overview of the valley

Fresh fruit or herbs from the garden

'Buy locally' thus becomes very literal

Casa primo

A beautiful place among the olive trees, located in Le Marche, with all the luxury and comfort that brings you, your family and your friends into a different atmosphere.


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